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Welcome to the Urban Barbeque - Hastings, online ordering service where you can quickly order for Please use the search features on the left to find items, then use the buttons to add them to your order.

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Featured Items

Top Starters

All served with a salad garnish and the sauce of your choice

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks£4.99Add to Cart
Mozzerella cheese coated in a golden breadcrumb served with the dip of your choice
Combo Starter min 2 people£6.99Add to Cart
A selection of our favourites,includes breaded mushrooms, mozzerella sticks, onion rings, BBQ ribs and pulled pork. * per person
Stuffed Jalapenos£4.99Add to Cart
3 plump jalapeno peppers in a crisp breadcrumb stuffed with a mild cream cheese
riblets£4.99Add to Cart
A mouthwater starter of pork ribs glazed in the sauce of your choice.

Top Main Dishes

All starters served with salad garnish and your choice of seasoned skinny fries or big fat chips

8oz Horseshoe Gammon Steakfrom £9.99Add to Cart
Straight off the bone and BBQ'd in a flavour of your choice
Butterfly Chicken from £8.99Add to Cart
glazed in your faverite sauce and grilled on the BBQ
Chicken kebabsfrom £11.99Add to Cart
2 skewers of prime chicken breast interlaced with a selection of tomato, onion, courgette, mushroom, peppers and fat black olives. glazed in the sauce of your choice
Full Rack Of Ribs£15.99Qty:
A full rack slow cooked and finished on the BBQ.
Half Rack Of Ribsfrom £9.99Add to Cart
Half rack of pork ribs marinated in a sauce of your choice

Top Side Orders

BBQ Beans£2.99Qty:
Corn on the Cob£2.99Qty:
A whole cob of corn finished on the BBQ and served with a delicious knob of butter
Garlic Bread with Cheese£4.98Qty:
As garlic bread but laden with cheese
Garlic Bread£2.99Qty:
Pieces of prime baguette smothered in our own garlic & parsley butter before gently toasting on the BBQ
Large Seasoned Fries£2.99Qty:
Onion Rings£2.99Qty:
Pieces of white onion with golden breadcrumb coating
Pink Coleslaw£2.95Qty:
Our creamy pink slaw is made on the premises to our own special recipe
Potato Salad£2.95Qty:
Cubes of tender potato, bound in a light mayonnaise with a hint of honey and coarse grain mustard

Top Gourmet Burgers

4oz kangaroo burgerfrom £7.99Add to Cart
Try something different, a succulent burger packed with flavour. 100% beef free guaranteed
4oz wild boar burger£7.99Qty:
A tastey alternitave with a gamey taste
8oz Kangaroo Burgerfrom £10.99Add to Cart
8oz wild boar burger£10.99Qty:

Top Steak Burgers

12oz Steak Burgerfrom £11.99Add to Cart
4oz Steak Burgerfrom £6.99Add to Cart
8oz Steak Burgerfrom £9.99Add to Cart

Top Hot Dogs And Frankfurters

All served with your choice of skinny fries or big fat chips

Traditional frankfurter back by popular demand
Urban Dog£6.99Qty:
10" prime pork sausage nestling in a soft white bun

Top Vegetarian

Vegetable kebabs£9.99Qty:
Three loaded skewers of fresh vegetables, basted in the sauce of your choice and char grilled for extra flavour
vegetable burger£6.99Qty:
Pesto, mozzarella and vegetable burger
vegetable sausage£5.99Qty:
quorn sausage in a delicate bun

Top Sharing Platters

All of our sharing platters come with a selection of meats, corn on the cob, onion rings, garlic bread, coleslaw, bbq beans skinny fries or big fat chips plus 2 sauces

2 Person Sharing Platter£13.98Add to Cart
Our famous platter comes with BBQ ribs, chicken wings, corn on the cob, onion rings, garlic bread, coleslaw, bbq beans
3 Person Sharing Platter£20.97Add to Cart
as above x 3
4 Person Sharing Platter£27.96Qty:
as above x4

Top Beverages (takeaway cups)

Colafrom £1.49Add to Cart
Cranberry Juicefrom £1.79Add to Cart
Diet Colafrom £1.49Add to Cart
Lemonadefrom £1.49Add to Cart
Orange Juicefrom £1.79Add to Cart
Orangeadefrom £1.49Add to Cart
Still or Sparkling Water (500ml)£1.59Add to Cart

Top Desserts

Chocolate Fudge Cake£4.99Qty:
Chocolate cake filled with choc fudge icing topped with choc fudge sauce
Hot Choc Chip Cookies£4.99Qty:
Warm choc chip cookies covered in choc fudge sauce
Vanilla Ice Cream£4.99Qty:
Vanilla ice cream served with chocolate fudge sauce

Top Kids Meals

Suitable for children up to 12yrs old and senior citizens with a smaller appetite

Burger Kids Meal£4.99Add to Cart
2oz burger, seasoned fries & corn on the cob or bbq beans
Chicken Breast Kids Meal£4.99Add to Cart
Chicken breast, Seasoned Fries & BBQ Beans or Corn on the Cob
Sausage Kids Meal£4.99Add to Cart
Sausage, Seasoned Fries & BBQ Beans or Corn on the Cob
Vegetarian kids meal£4.99Qty:
qourn sausage

Top Sauces

Our range of delicious sauces

American mustard£0.99Qty:
Chefs fire sauce
Very HotVery HotVery HotVery Hot
Garlic Mayo£0.99Qty:
Jerk BBQ, honey & lime£0.99Qty:
Piri Piri
Smokey BBQ
Sweet chilli£0.99Qty:

Top Specials

12oz Chilli Cheeseburger£12.99Qty:
8oz burger infused with chill & cheese, served with a toasted bun, salad garnish,a sauce of your choice and a choice of skinny or fat chips.
8oz Chilli Cheeseburger
8oz burger infused with chill & cheese, served with a toasted bun, salad garnish,a sauce of your choice and a choice of skinny or fat chips.
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